Health Tourism

As EBL Travel, We provide the highest standard of quality and safety of health services in Turkey, within the framework of medical tourism, realizing the submission of tourists. Quality in the services offered, patient safety and health of the guestoriented reference to the principles of treatment are carried out. UNIVERSAL HOSPITAL carefully evaluate requests from within the medical doctors in the field of medical tourism and health services to partners, who require the participation of specialists in health care facilities that meet.In medical tourism services. Tour operators are under the umbrella of Universal Hospital. EBL Travel is fully orginazed as, airplane to airplane, or door to door, in all its aspects, Health services, medical tourists, healthy, safety, high quality, innovative, economic and other advantages as for the provision of operating in Turkey, in collaboration with the Medical Tourism Association. Universal Hospital and EBL Travel in Turkey, a leader in advanced health care services, medical tourists to gain international airlines, many foreign tour operators and travel agent, working in collaboration with health organizations and tourism businesses.

EBL Travel,working in the areas of wellness, 3 age and retirement tourism ,and thermal medicine. Primarily for the treatment of our guests, who choose our services are assessed by a consultant dentist, treatment with existing diagnostic tests are reviewed, and after examination by physicians specializing in action plan for the examinations conducted. After the evaluation is done, than the scheduled prepared. This catalog includes general information about treatments. Treatments related to the hospital examination, treatment or surgery, the physician, although treatment costs, presented in our catalog or sales agents, and can get detailed information from our tour operator. Dentures, extra medical supplies, non-package applications, and examinations are assessed at any time. Airport, hotel, hospital transfers, guide, nonhospital drug costs, costs of chemotherapy drugs, are paid by guest, as extra.

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